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Phil Witte


Phil Witte
Phil Witte BSc BVSc CertAVP(GSAS) DSAS(Orth) MRCVS

RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Orthopaedics)

Phil qualified from Bristol University Veterinary School in 2005 and worked in mixed practice in Herefordshire for two years, followed by a year in South Africa working with buffalo. On his return to the UK, he took a position as Orthopaedic Intern at SCVS followed by a three-year orthopaedic residency. He completed an RCVS certificate in advanced veterinary practice in September 2013 and passed his RCVS Diploma in Veterinary Orthopaedics in 2018.


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Other Publications

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Poster Presentations

Dean B, Witte P.G (2016) Biaxial plating by minimally invasive percutaneous osteosynthesis of comminuted humeral fractures in two cats. Poster presentation. 18th ESVOT Conference 2016.

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