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Teddy's tale

Teddy's tale at Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists

This is the story of Husky puppy, Teddy Dunn, who came to SCVS when he was just 10 weeks old. Normally he would be full of energy as most puppies are, enjoying his time with his family. However, disaster began when he had been vomiting on and off for 3 days. It was when Teddy began crying and shaking that the alarm bells were ringing and his owners took him to his local vets, Pet Vet to find out what was wrong with Teddy.

His vets were concerned that he may be dehydrated and in pain. Teddy was known for eating everything so his owners had a feeling that an object he had eaten may be causing all this. He worsened and when he began vomiting blood he was quickly referred to us at SCVS.

Our diagnostic imaging clinician, Beatriz Moreno took x-rays of Teddy and discovered an oval shaped object within Teddy’s stomach along with an abnormal portion of small intestine. It confirmed what his owners thought, it definitely looked like  something he’d eaten was causing this. But what the object was, was still unknown.


To remove the mystery object, a gastrotomy was then performed by our soft tissue specialist, Tony Ryan. During the surgery when he removed the object he found that it was a toy mouse and its tail causing Teddy’s problems! Teddy also needed to have a piece of his intestine removed, as it had telescoped upon itself and become very damaged.  


He came to our wards whilst he recovered from the anaesthesia after his surgery. Our nurses kept an eye on him giving him lots of attention and chicken. He certainly had his energy back!

The husky puppy  made a full recovery  from the surgery and has enjoyed being back home with his family being his usual, puppy self again. Although his brother Ru was on hand with lots of cuddles to help him heal.

Watch the video below to see more images of Teddy's procedure.