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Bianca's meningomyelitis

Meet Bianca, a 9 year old rescue dog from Greece.

She had became very unwell and not herself at all with her appetite diminishing. It was noted that she was experiencing pain in her spine and neck causing exercise intolerance, reluctance to walk and difficulties in eating. She could barely stand up or even lift her head and her temperature was also rising.

Bianca immediately had blood tests done and went through diagnostic imaging (MRI) to find out what was wrong with her. The tests indicated severe diffuse meningomyelitis which is the inflammation of the spinal cord and the membranes around the brain and spine. She was kept here at SCVS for a week to receive the appropriate treatment and to monitor her condition.

Whilst here she began her medication and towards the end of her stay she began eating again and wanting to go for walks. Her neurological problems were improving and she was discharged. The condition was managed with medications which was continued at home. Her owner, Judith, reports that Bianca is back to being active and puppy like.

“From a dog, who was so ill that she could barely lift her head to what she is now, is a miracle. I just wanted to thank you all for being so helpful and you in particular, Francesca, for saving her life.” – Judith Ross

Watch Bianca in the video below: