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Prostatitis and prostatic abscessation in dogs: retrospective study of 82 cases.

Australian veterinary journal

Authors: C Lea, D Walker, CA Blazquez, O Zaghloul, S Tappin, D Kelly

B cell lymphoma infiltration in multiple joints of an Irish Wolfhound

Poster presentation: WSAVA conference 2022, Lima Peru

Authors: Charlotte Lea, Oliver Coldrick, Andrea Di Bella


Plasma parathyroid hormone concentration as a predictor of post-operative hypocalcemia in dogs diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism and treated with parathyroidectomy

Poster Presentation: ECVIM conference 2023, Barcelona, Spain

Authors: Victoria Travail, Charlotte Lea, Claudio Motta, Andres Salas-Garcia, Katherine Clarke, Sergio Lombardo, Amanda Paul, Carla Asorey Blazquez, Mayak Seth,  Michelle Walton-Clark, Luis Garcia Roldan,  Rebecca Frances Geddes, Sophie Allison Conway, Sophie Keyte, Dorothy Hajdu, Danica Pollard, Darren Kelly