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Information Update

As of the 1st January 2021 there will be a £15 administration fee for dealing directly with your insurance. This will include our referrals team contacting your insurer, screening your policy information and checking through your pets clinical history. We will then advise you on whether we believe your insurer will cover the condition your pet has been referred for.

If the policy or clinical history does not meet our screening criteria we will be unable to deal directly with your insurer and the £15 will still be applicable. Once the referral has passed our screening process and your pet has been to us for treatment our Client Accounts team will ensure your claim is submitted with all the information required. They will also assist with any queries you may have regarding your claim and keep you update with the claim status. This charge will be applicable per policy year per condition, and will be chargeable when booking your appointment.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pet insurance will usually cover the cost of treatments we provide, but some policies have limited cover and will not. You must check with your insurer to ensure that you have adequate cover. If you have any insurance claim queries, please call 01425 485615, and press option 4 for Accounts.

There are two types of insurance claim.


The company pays us directly, less any amount which is not covered, e.g. insurance excess, or any amount over the ceiling of the policy. Some policy ceilings are per condition, some are per year and some are for the lifetime of your pet. You should ensure you know which applies to you.

Please note that:

  • We regret we cannot process direct claims for Legal and General, Asda (unless policy number starts ASD), Healthy Pets, Perfect Pets, Purely Pets and Buddies.
  • Tesco and More Than policies now require clients to use a “Preferred Referral Network” or they have to pay an enhanced excess. We are members of that network, so normal policy terms apply.


You pay us the full amount owed at the time of discharge and then claim the money back from your insurance company, less any excess or policy ceiling. In these cases, we will process your claim within 5 working days of receiving the completed claim form.

Things for you to check before treatment commences (for direct and standard insurance claims)

  • Confirmation that your pet is still covered
  • Confirmation that the condition is (still) covered. Some policies will offer a maximum level of cover per condition; some will only pay 12 months from the first signs of the condition; some only pay a certain amount per 12 months.
  • Maximum cover, and how much of that has been “used up” by work done by the referring veterinary surgeon.
  • Confirmation of the excess required to be paid when a claim is made. This may be a fixed amount or a percentage. It may be applied once per condition or once per year.
  • Insurance companies tend to deal with serial claims in chronological order so should there be claims for work done by the referring veterinary surgeon prior to referral to SCVS, the claim for the previous work should be submitted as soon as possible to prevent delays on any subsequent claim.

Please remember that ultimately, the contract with the insurance company is with you, and if they refuse to pay for any reason, you will still be responsible for paying us. Therefore, we strongly advise that you contact your insurance company before treatment commences to verify the terms of your policy.

What we need

For direct claims

  1. Your permission to discuss your policy with your insurance company. This involves a quick phone call from you to them to give us permission. We are sure you will appreciate that we need to verify the terms of your policy before we agree to giving credit.
  2. We will need one or two (possibly more for long term treatments) completed claim forms, with your part completed and signed. You can get claim forms either from the insurance company direct or online. (We will usually make serial claims and will need several forms - to assist with our cashflow).

For standard claims

We need completed and signed claim forms from you, and we undertake to process them within 5 working days of receipt. We require full payment at each visit or at the final discharge. Claims will not be submitted until balance is cleared.