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Assessment of the likelihood of hypothyroidism in dogs diagnosed with and treated for hypothyroidism at primary care practices: 102 cases (2016 - 2021)
ACVIM 2023 Oral presentation
Authors: V. Travail, C. Fernandez Sanchez, JM. Costo, N. Valentine, M. Conroy, V. Lee, D Bouziopoulos, K. Bateman, E. Gatehouse, J Cruzado Perez, V. Lamb, F. Juvet, D. Kelly

Primary immune-mediated neutropenia and precursor-targeted immune mediated anaemia in a 4-year-old cat
WVAC 2023 Poster presentation
Authors: V. Travail, A. Di Bella

Anicteric gall bladder rupture secondary to necrotising cholecystitis in a dog
WSAVA 2022 Poster presentation
Journal: Veterinary Record Case Reports April 2023
Authors: V. Travail, C. Motta, B. Moreno-Aguado, L. Torres-Canto; F. Juvet

Mycoplasma felis abscess infection and lymphadenomegaly in a cat 
FECAVA 2022 Poster presentation
Journal: Veterinary Record Case Reports November 2022
Authors: V. Travail K. Peak

Mycophenolate mofetil and telmisartan for the treatment of proteinuria secondary to minimal change disease podocytopathy in a dog
AFVAC 2022 Oral presentation
Journal: Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine; September 2022
Authors: V. Travail, K. Peak, R. E. Cianciolo, A. Di Bella

Phenobarbital-induced autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenia and peripheral lymphadenomegaly due to reactive lymphoid hyperplasia in a cat
Journal: Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery open reports January 2022
Authors: M. Walton-Clark, V. Travail, M. Best